At Eschenfelder Landscaping we understand how to
do things right the first time.

From hardscaping to annual planting, we have extensive experience in selecting the right plants and materials for any project. In today's economic climate it makes sense to spend your hard earned money once. If you want your project completed with precision and quality, we are the contractor for you.

We are a local family-run business and we have built our reputation in this community for over ten years. To learn more about our commitment to excellence, read our Client Testimonials.








The pulse of your landscape is it’s irrigation system. Irrigation is an investment that can save you time and frustration, but only if it is installed by knowledgeable professionals, and only if it is made to last. We use commercial grade parts to minimize repairs and lengthen the life of your system. And, our combined fifty years of sprinkler experience mean that your system will be customized to fit your needs now as well as when your family, and garden, has grown.

We install only the highest quality sandy loam top soil available. Our soil supplier is local and the soil we install consistently grows healthy plants without importing weeds into your yard. We believe that a generous base of quality top soil is a detail that your landscape cannot live without.

We hand-select plant material to compliment the size and style of your home. We source dwarf tree varieties to thrive in our urban communities and drought-tolerant plants to consume less and grow more throughout our dry Utah summers. Eschenfelder Landscaping takes the time, and has the knowledge, to consider the color, texture, and growth potential of each plant in your garden.



While the concept of interlocking pavers dates back thousands of years, today’s pavers come with quite a few modern attributes. Pavers are available in a nearly unlimited combination of colors, shapes, and laying patterns. Each piece interlocks to form a flat, skid and slip resistant, surface. Pavers require no expansion joints and resist stains from spilled fuel and oil. They are strong and sturdy enough to use for driveways and RV pads, and elegant enough to form pathways and sidewalks. Pavers also allow lateral flexing and therefore won’t crack like a concrete surface. Individual pavers can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. And, because we are ICPI-Certified paver installers, your new hardscape comes with a full warranty on your paver material and a five year warranty on the installation.


Masonry seems to be something of a lost art. Joints crack, stones slip, and walls created to look classic end up looking dated. At Eschenfelder Landscaping, we strive to preserve the art and integrity of masonry by creating stunning outdoor rock structures that literally last a lifetime. We personally select the stone from the quarry to ensure correct color, texture, and strength. Our stone mason hand chisels each piece to fit your desired style. He also hand mixes his own mortar to ensure the longevity of your new structure. We can sculpt almost anything out of stone, including fire pits, seating walls, retaining walls, mail boxes, fountains and even outdoor pizza ovens. Our stone mason perfected his craft restoring castles in Germany, so we can even build your dream-moat!


Redefining Your Living Spaces

A living room doesn’t have to be defined by drywall and cable television. It can be enclosed by climbing roses and carpeted by slabs of sandstone. Or it can be tiled by modern grey pavers and roofed with a stainless steel pergola. A living room can be defined by an unimpeded view of the summer clouds or the sound of your children running through the lawn. At Eschenfelder landscaping, we try to create outdoor spaces that draw your loved ones together. We build fire pits to warm your evenings, beautiful custom patios for outdoor dining, and stunning pergolas to shade you from the sun.