Red Barn Trees & Landscaping - 
Now Part of Eschenfelder Landscaping


Our goal is the long-term health and beauty of your investment.

Rather than focusing on turf areas, we focus on the entire property, scouting for pests before they become a problem, looking for broken branches in trees, and keeping all garden areas clean and attractive.

Most landscapers rely heavily on chemical pesticides to keep gardens and turf free of weeds. In the short term, pesticide use reduces the overall cost of maintenance. Over time, however, it becomes more costly because it significantly reduces the health of plant material, requires substantially more fertilizer, and ultimately results in a shorter life span for many plants. Besides the horticultural side effects listed, there are the many, and well-studied effects on human and pet health from pesticide use. Our policy is to use predominantly organic land care methods and synthetic or chemical treatments only when necessary to save the life of the plant.

We include yearly top-dressing of all planting beds with high quality compost for perennial areas and bark mulch or compost for shrubs and trees. Top-dressing is important for many reasons: it reduces water consumption, adds necessary nutrients and biological organisms to the soil, regulates soil temperatures, reduces weed germination, and adds a crisp appearance to planting areas. We apply topdressings every year following spring cleanup, so your beds are attractive and healthy throughout the season.