While the concept of interlocking pavers dates back thousands of years, today’s pavers come with quite a few modern attributes. Pavers are available in a nearly unlimited combination of colors, shapes, and laying patterns. Each piece interlocks to form a flat, skid and slip resistant, surface. Pavers require no expansion joints and resist stains from spilled fuel and oil. They are strong and sturdy enough to use for driveways and RV pads, and elegant enough to form pathways and sidewalks. Pavers also allow lateral flexing and therefore won’t crack like a concrete surface. Individual pavers can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. And, because we are ICPI-Certified paver installers, your new hardscape comes with a full warranty on your paver material and a five year warranty on the installation.


Masonry seems to be something of a lost art. Joints crack, stones slip, and walls created to look classic end up looking dated. At Eschenfelder Landscaping, we strive to preserve the art and integrity of masonry by creating stunning outdoor rock structures that literally last a lifetime. We personally select the stone from the quarry to ensure correct color, texture, and strength. Our stone mason hand chisels each piece to fit your desired style. He also hand mixes his own mortar to ensure the longevity of your new structure. We can sculpt almost anything out of stone, including fire pits, seating walls, retaining walls, mail boxes, fountains and even outdoor pizza ovens. Our stone mason perfected his craft restoring castles in Germany, so we can even build your dream-moat!