Crews Are Responsive, Fast & Very Professional

My wife and I have had a great working relationship with Eschenfelder Landscaping for over three years. It started when we hired Willie to completely landscape our new home. We had several bids and although Willie’s was slightly higher, we decided to go with him and have never looked back.

Midway through our landscaping we decided to incorporate a below ground swimming pool. Willie put the whole project in motion.  Luckily, Willie owns Omega Pools and that helped us get the pool done and beautifully incorporated into the landscape.  It was a major project and involved some large excavation, very substantial retaining walls and structural engineering.  The pool has ended up being the best part of our back yard! 

Our yard is three years along. We are still working with Willie when we have questions or maintenance issues occur. Their crews are responsive, fast and very professional. Willie has also helped me with projects that I started and couldn’t finish.

Our yard consistently gets compliments from our neighbors and passers bye. We love it and appreciate what Willie has done for us, it’s amazing. 

Dayer Worrall

Eschenfelder Landscaping Company is Top Notch

I have known Willie Eschenfelder for many years. His Yard Services Company is top notch! They do all types of landscape maintenance services for me and I have never had a complaint. His crews are very efficient, fast, and clean! My wife enjoys the fact she can speak with the crew leaders and they are very eager to perform any additional requests with a smile and do it quickly.

Regarding his Landscape Design Services, Willie has a knack to visualize a concept and put it on paper so a person can really see what he is proposing.

He is not a Landscape Architect, but is better, because he knows what will work and grow in a particular environment, since he will probably be doing the future maintenance on the project and not be walking away and not worrying about future problems.

I would highly recommend any of his services to anyone and they are welcome to call me for any type of reference.

Thank you,
Rich Robins, CSM
Vice President – Retail Specialist
Coldwell Banker Commercial

Extremely Impressed With the Quality

At the request of Eschenfelder Landscaping, I am happy to write this letter of recommendation to any prospective client. I recently contracted Willie and his crew to re-landscape and put in a new driveway to our home. Their attention to detail, prompt response time, and expertise was demonstrated in the final outcome: a beautiful design that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and looks great all seasons. We were extremely impressed with the quality of design on such a challenging site.

In addition to the quality work they performed, Willie and his staff have always been responsive to our requests and to any concerns we may have had. Thus, we are not only very pleased with their level of service and work ethic, but also with our decision to use Eschenfelder Landscaping.

Robyn Smith, AIA

Do It Right the First Time

I have years of experience doing my own gardening and have worked with landscapers and landscape architects on community projects in Los Angeles. I like to think I’m a decent gardener. Over a period of years my husband and I spent thousands of dollars on plants, soil and soil amendments, and hundreds of man hours trying to create a few nice gardens. In spite of my vast experience and all of our hard work, our gardens ended up aesthetically mediocre, high maintenance and not as healthy as they should be. I plant a garden one year and tear it out the next because it just didn’t work out. I paid a landscape designer for advice and spent more money implementing his ideas with the same result.

The last expert I consulted said “You need Willie.”

Willie Eschenfelder’s web site shows high end large scale landscaping for businesses and expensive homes. I live in a small modest condominium with a handful of very small garden spaces. Nonetheless, Willie knew exactly what it would take to fix my gardens, and understanding my budget constraints, he provided a bid for each phase of his plan so I could decide how much I was willing to pay for and how much of it I thought I could do myself. His bottom line seemed beyond my budget at the time, but he was the only landscaper I talked to who won’t compromise with the quality of soil or watering systems or plants or any other part of a healthy garden. All the “affordable landscaping” that has been done in some of our condominium common areas and neighboring homes is less than mediocre and requires replanting each year.

Once I took the plunge, within a few days the clay soil had been removed, sprinkling system upgraded, rich top soil brought in. I sent a list of plants and shrubs and ground covers I like to Willie and they all showed up a few days later and were placed for planting. Then this really nice dark mulch showed up.

That was last fall. This summer my garden looks like its been established for years due to the healthy soil, and it’s the talk of the town. I pull a weed here or there but fewer and fewer as the ground cover fills in, so my very lush garden is nearly maintenance free. As for the money I spent, had I hired Willie when I moved in years ago, I would have saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours and enjoyed maintaining healthy gardens all these years.

I have since had Willie replace the “top soil” in the entry way gardens that our condominium association bought from another landscaper three years ago and he helped me with a design. Our entry way gardens are beautiful for the first time ever.

If you think you can do as good a job yourself, think again. If you think you can save money by cutting corners or going with a lower bid, think again. Do it right the first time. Call Willie Eschenfelder.

Lee Nakamura