Impressed with the Quality of Work

Willie and Crew,

I want to thank you and commend you and on the beautiful outcome of my yard. I was impressed with the quality of work your men did and the speed in which they accomplished such a large task.
Willie, I’m also thankful for your advice and expertise. You guided me through the entire process and helped me understand the wisdom in your choices.

  • You told us that top soil was the most important foundation we could give our yard and you were right. When my yard was only a few months old, it already looked like it had been around for a few years.
  • You suggested the kind of sod to use even though it was not the same as I was used to. My grass looks like it’s been there for years and always looks the best on the block.
  • Your layout of our yard and flower beds frame our home and make it look better than I could have hoped for.

I was also impressed that after showing you just a couple of pictures of other yards I liked and what kind of flowers and plants I liked, you were able to design an incredible yard and pick flowers and plants that illuminate my yard all year long. Each new season brings different colors to my yard and everything goes together so well. I love it!

I also appreciate the fact that you came back to visit the yard often to make sure that things were growing and working properly, and when you noticed things that weren’t hadn’t taken root and were starting to die, that you replaced them before I could even talk to you about them. Thank you for your initiative.

Again, thank you for all of your help and the masterpiece you created with my yard.

Tanya Bennion