The “True Artist”

Dear Willie

I just came in from working in the yard and wanted to send you a little note of appreciation for what you did for us this past Winter and Spring. There are not too many things in life outside of my family and church that I enjoy more than gardening. Every time I am in the yard I enjoy it more.

You completed it on time…to the very day, and it was done under budget, even though we added several things to make the job more complete. The water feature is absolutely breath taking. I am continually receiving compliments on how perfectly natural everything is, and every day when I walk around it I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

As Summer progresses the flowers and plants continue to mature and look more beautiful than when they were first planted. And when they were first installed I didn’t think anything could look better.

Your concern of how the job looks is very evident when, even when you were completed you brought some lilacs for me that you knew we enjoyed. This past week I found some cat tails planted in the ponds and I knew they came from you. I also appreciated your service on sprinkler repair.

In today’s business climate where so many try and take advantage of business relationships its nice to have done business with The “True Artist”.

Ray ‘d G. Springer