Recommendation for Eschenfelder’s Landscaping

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently used Willie Eschenfelder for complete and extensive landscaping makeover.  From planning, design, permitting, excavation, install and maintenance, working with Willie and his team was easy, professional and timely.  We will continue to work with him as we add in elements to our landscaping plan, and we love the maintenance team.  We had a couple issues with trees that didn’t properly root during the install and Willie’s team was quick to replace the trees with new ones. 

Feel free to drive by and see the wonderful job this team did or give me a call if you would like further information. 


Park City, UT

No Hesitation Selecting Eschenfelder Landscaping to Do Future Projects

The purpose of this letter is to state the nature of my business relationship with Eschenfelder Landscaping.

I awarded Eschenfelder Landscaping with the contract to redo my entire yard and driveway. This was a substantial project that required considerable investment on my part. My entire front yard, including the driveway, was completely torn-out. We replaced the driveway with a heating system and pavers. We added numerous large trees, bushes, grass, decorative rocks, walking areas, and a dry-stack wall. We also replanted the entire back yard.

I have always liked Willie Eschenfelder’s direction for all the projects that he has done for me over the years. I was really worried about the driveway when he suggested pavers; however, I followed his suggestion. When the project was completed, the driveway became my favorite part. The pavers are beautiful and classy. I receive numerous compliments about the driveway.

From the onset of the project, I have found Willie and his crew to be accessible, honest, and hard working. As the relationship progressed, I had no issue granting more latitude to Willie to make decisions regarding yard design. I trusted his opinion and found his ideas to be creative. I also found Willie worked hard to stick to the budget. He demonstrated a conservative nature in quoting his work and attempted to manage all costs without compromising quality. If I had any issues, Willie was quick to address them.

With the project now complete, I am very satisfied with the end result and will have no hesitation selecting Willie to do future projects. I have given my business to his company for yard maintenance and weekly clean up. I am available to discuss my experience with Eschenfelder Landscaping would you require further information.

David Robbins

The “True Artist”

Dear Willie

I just came in from working in the yard and wanted to send you a little note of appreciation for what you did for us this past Winter and Spring. There are not too many things in life outside of my family and church that I enjoy more than gardening. Every time I am in the yard I enjoy it more.

You completed it on time…to the very day, and it was done under budget, even though we added several things to make the job more complete. The water feature is absolutely breath taking. I am continually receiving compliments on how perfectly natural everything is, and every day when I walk around it I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

As Summer progresses the flowers and plants continue to mature and look more beautiful than when they were first planted. And when they were first installed I didn’t think anything could look better.

Your concern of how the job looks is very evident when, even when you were completed you brought some lilacs for me that you knew we enjoyed. This past week I found some cat tails planted in the ponds and I knew they came from you. I also appreciated your service on sprinkler repair.

In today’s business climate where so many try and take advantage of business relationships its nice to have done business with The “True Artist”.

Ray ‘d G. Springer

Impressed with the Quality of Work

Willie and Crew,

I want to thank you and commend you and on the beautiful outcome of my yard. I was impressed with the quality of work your men did and the speed in which they accomplished such a large task.
Willie, I’m also thankful for your advice and expertise. You guided me through the entire process and helped me understand the wisdom in your choices.

  • You told us that top soil was the most important foundation we could give our yard and you were right. When my yard was only a few months old, it already looked like it had been around for a few years.
  • You suggested the kind of sod to use even though it was not the same as I was used to. My grass looks like it’s been there for years and always looks the best on the block.
  • Your layout of our yard and flower beds frame our home and make it look better than I could have hoped for.

I was also impressed that after showing you just a couple of pictures of other yards I liked and what kind of flowers and plants I liked, you were able to design an incredible yard and pick flowers and plants that illuminate my yard all year long. Each new season brings different colors to my yard and everything goes together so well. I love it!

I also appreciate the fact that you came back to visit the yard often to make sure that things were growing and working properly, and when you noticed things that weren’t hadn’t taken root and were starting to die, that you replaced them before I could even talk to you about them. Thank you for your initiative.

Again, thank you for all of your help and the masterpiece you created with my yard.

Tanya Bennion